When it reopens, hopefully in Spring 2022, the Boscareto Resort & Spa gourmet restaurant will be in the capable hands of Chef Michelangelo Mammoliti. Now that the extensive refurbishing works to give a completely new face to the Resort are drawing to an end, the Dogliani family is proud to announce the arrival of this celebrated Piemontese Chef, marking a further leap in the quality of the Resort’s restaurant service – a service that’s always been at the heart of the Boscareto project – with the birth of Michelangelo Mammoliti’s “La Rei Natura” restaurant.

As Valentina Dogliani, CEO of Il Boscareto Resort & Spa says: “We’ll be presenting the details of the project for La Rei Natura by Michelangelo Mammoliti in 2022, along with all the other innovations we’ve been introducing to our five-star luxury offer, but for now all I can say is we’re thrilled to be working with one of Italy’s most talented chefs. We’re making important changes to the resort’s other restaurant services that we’ll be announcing soon, but for the moment we’re all focused on this wonderful news ».

Michelangelo Mammoliti, who’ll be starting at the Boscareto Resort & Spa in early February 2022 to prepare for the grand reopening, has been given carte blanche to manage this gourmet restaurant exactly how he sees fit, which will obviously change the gastronomic approach: “So many changes! But what doesn’t change, however, is my concept of cuisine, my way of working, my approach to the raw materials. The neurogastronomy of the dishes I’ll be creating remains the same, as does the way I express my concept of cooking to the maximum, focusing entirely on the natural elements: 100% Nature. All that really changes is where I do it!” comments the chef.