Alessandro Capalbo was born in Turin in 1982, to a family of Sicilian origins. In summer, from a young age, he gained experience in the family’s large bakery in the centre of Catania. After completing his studies at the Colombatto catering institute in Turin, in 2001 he began working at the San Giorgio restaurant at the Valentino Castle, where he remained for eight years.
Since 2009, he has worked at one of the most renowned Michelin-starred restaurants in the Langhe, and in 2017, he assumed the role of chef at Osteria Campamac in Barbaresco. In 2023, he took over the leadership of Il Sunsì Bistrot, the traditional-styled restaurant at Il Boscareto Resort & Spa, bringing his culinary philosophy and enthusiasm.


The cuisine at Il Sunsì is one rooted in the two regions, where the focus is on the produce and making it the star of the dish, with simple, elegant, carefully crafted dishes aimed at enhancing every flavour.
A maximum of three to four ingredients per dish, recipes rooted in tradition – homemade fresh pasta, traditional sauces, Piedmontese meats – prepared with modern techniques and vision. Dishes that are good to eat and beautiful to look at.
Chef Alessandro continuously draws inspiration from his two beloved regions, working on the fundamental elements of both cuisines. At Il Sunsì, you will find the essential classics of Piedmontese cuisine, with some nods to the sea and the recipes of Sicily. The ingredients are always Italian, and processed with respect for the shape, identity, seasonality, and freshness of the produce.


“I like a dish to capture the imagination, to be simple yet at the same time surprising and immensely satisfying for the guest. I want those evocative dishes full of memories that you don’t feel like making at home because they take too long to prepare, but are delighted to find at a restaurant. I’m thinking of agnolotti, snails, aubergine parmesan with shrimp and burrata, or roasted winter roots.”