He has always found his habitat in the natural element and in the kitchen a reminder of his traditions, his home, his family.
He studied, traveled and met people who changed the way he saw things. In France, he learned how to manage a kitchen. On his return to Italy in 2014 he held his first position as executive chef and the awardsi they are not long in coming. In 2017 he was awarded the *Michelin Star and only three years later he will replicate with the **Michelin Star.
Since 2022 he has been executive chef of the restaurant Le Rei Natura by Michelangelo Mammoliti.


A cuisine made of raw materials and gestures. Nature and man. These are the ingredients that the chef takes care of. If gestures and techniques vary and evolve over time, raw materials are a fixed point.
The future has the taste of the past, freed from the sense of nostalgia and exalted by gestures, technologies, a service where everything has a function and where Nothing has simple artistic ambitions. Every part is essential, as is the aesthetics. A dish is beautiful because you eat it with your eyes first.
Then there’s the man with his boys. And it is there that Mammoliti’s cuisine becomes a family and the restaurant a home.



Michelangelo Mammoliti wants to revive a distant gustatory memory, a memory, perhaps hidden in the labyrinths of the unconscious, to create a new gustatory baggage, thanks to new stimuli and memories, transforming a meal into something more than a gastronomic experience: a real, deep, intimate, emotion. Dishes are looked at, smelled, chewed, sometimes touched. And in the end, it’s the brain that reprocesses all those inputs. Chef Mammoliti’s goal is for his guests to let themselves go through the pages of their minds, letting themselves be guided towards new taste memories.